Any Bang & Olufsen or Apple products that you purchase from us here at Dartmouth AV will reach you in perfect working order. To illustrate how we ensure this, the following points detail our acquisition process:


This is perhaps the most important step in the sequence. We source all of our products from Bang & Olufsen main dealers and previous owners. Luckily, not only are all of the products we sell of the utmost quality, but their doting owners look after them meticulously. After we receive a 25% deposit to source goods, we personally de-install and collect your chosen items, ensuring that they are in excellent condition.


Once items are in our care, they are then rigorously tested. Any minor faults are fixed by a qualified Bang & Olufsen engineer. If trim or speaker covers need to be changed, these are ordered and fitted. Again, for any more involved issues, the item will be taken to a qualified Bang & Olufsen engineer.


As Bang & Olufsen products have such a long shelf life, they can often pick up the odd bit of dust, and usually nothing more. To ensure that your chosen item reaches you in pristine condition, we undertake all of our cleaning in house. Professional cleaning materials are used throughout the process. These include 3M Microfibre cloths, specialist protection fluids and NAS ‘Ultra’ glass cleaner.


We’re here to help, and installing your product into its new setting is a time when many of our customers often like some assistance. We offer advice on where to position your product so that you gain maximum performance. For more involved installations, we engage the required professionals, making sure your new acquisition is integrated seamlessly into your home. As far as Apple products are concerned, we charge £150 for installing a Mac, which includes the setting up of a wireless network, iTunes account, email account and any other custom requests you may have. We are more than willing to help you explore your Mac even further, with training available by the hour.

After Sales Service

Of course, our involvement doesn’t necessarily end there, but more often than not it does. Why? Simply because Bang & Olufsen and Apple products are so well designed and produced that in nearly every instance they work just fine. Should you need some advice though, we’re only a phone call or an email away. And if you are after even greater peace of mind, parts and labour warranties are available through us, from Domestic & General, on selected items.

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