BeoCom 5


The BeoCom5 is a cordless phone that captures every nuance of your conversation - delivering a sound so real, it’s the next best thing to being there. Based on the same acoustic competences Bang & Olufsen apply to their loudspeakers, they have designed a speaker phone that lets you truly listen.

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BeoCom 4


With its vertical profile, control wheel and portability, the BeoCom 4 cordless phone presents a perfect marriage between design and practicality. Crafted from a material resilient enough to withstand the slings and arrows of everyday life, a belt clip and complete hands-free functionality, the BeoCom 4 gives you ultimate ease of use: plug the phone in and away you go. But among this simplicity their lies a wealth of elegance: the phone features Bang and Olufsen's unparalleled voice reproduction and a phonebook for up to 200 numbers.

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BeoCom 2


With its ringtone created by composer Kenneth Knudsen, the original 'banana phone' is unique in both form and function. The BeoCom 2 is another of Bang and Olufsen's design classics, its retro styling providing a telephone that is at once tactile and timeless. Free software upgrades now allow even earlier versions of the BeoCom 2 to be used as system phones.

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BeoCom 6000


With up to six handsets linking to one elegant base unit, the BeoCom 6000 gives you maximum flexibility for your home phone system. With a two-hundred number memory, caller ID and high quality loudspeaker, this Bang and Olufsen classic could be the phone for you.

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BeoCom 2500


A more modern version of the BeoCom 2000, this desktop phone includes a caller display above the keypad and a memory with over a hundred entries.

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BeoCom 1401


Simple and functional, the BeoCom 1401 corded telephone can be wall or base mounted. With Bang and Olufsen's distinctive style and quality, the BeoCom 1401 is still in demand for people who want a phone that fulfills its primary function with class.

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BeoTalk Answerphones


Combine the BeoTalk with a BeoCom handset, and you have a powerful home phone system. If someone in your phonebook calls, the BeoTalk 1200 will announce their name and respond to the call with a number of recordable messages. With the ability to change these messages from anywhere in the world through a push-button telephone, you have a powerful call-screening system at your disposal!

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