BeoSound 5


It is no exaggeration to say that the BeoSound 5 would be at home on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. Comprising a black, full-colour screen on a circular mounting and control hub, the BeoSound 5 offers the ultimate in style and functionality. Have you ever mourned the loss of record or CD sleeves as the world is taken over by digital media? With this unit, you can have the best of both worlds, as the screen allows you to view album artwork as you peruse your music. And with Bang and Olufsen's MOTS system, you can let the BeoSound 5 create unique playlists to suit your first chosen song. Of course, along as with all Bang & Olufsen products, sound is of paramount importance. To this end, the BeoSound 5 supports WMA and FLAC lossless sound files which contain all of the data omitted from compressed MP3 files. Combined with superb signal processing, this gives you unparalleled sound production. Link the BeoSound 5 to a BeoMaster 5 to access up to a thousand stored CDs' worth of data, or use it to stream music from a Bang & Olufsen home server.

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BeoSound Moment


BeoSound Moment is an intelligent, wireless music system that organises your digital music, radio stations and streaming services in a seamless music experience. A Multiroom system consists of wireless speakers that are placed around your home and connected to each other via your Wi-Fi network. With Multiroom you can listen to internet radio in one room, while others enjoy your jazz collection in another. Stream sound from the living room TV to the speaker in your kitchen, or let every connected speaker play the same tune, if you are hosting a party.

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BeoSound 9000


If you recognise only one Bang and Olufsen product, chances are it's the BeoSound 9000. Revolutionary when produced and still impressive today, its unique CD changer is the fastest in the world. With the ability to be floor or shelf mounted and positioned either vertically or horizontally, the BeoSound 9000 can become the focal point of any room, automatically lining up your CDs like your very own state of the art jukebox. And, with recent software updates, the BeoSound 9000 can be used to access and play digital music files from your computer.

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BeoCenter 2


If space is at a premium, the BeoCenter 2 could meet all of your AV needs. Acting as both an AM/FM radio and CD player, it can also be used to play DVDs. Hook it up to a pair of BeoLab speakers, a projector or perhaps a BeoVision TV to fulfill its potential. At a touch of your finger, its wing casings part, allowing you to place a favourite CD or DVD inside. After that, all you have to do is sit back and relax.

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BeoSound 4


The BeoSound 4 music centre aims to give you maximum playback flexibility in one stylish, compact package. Sporting an FM radio, CD player and SD card slot and optional DAB radio, the unit allows full compatibility with digital media and your computer. To operate, BeoSound 4's glass door rises to reveal the CD player, graphic display, control buttons and navigation wheel. Designed to be used with BeoLab 4 speakers, the unit is flexible enough to be connected directly to a portable music player such as an iPod.

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BeoSound 35


A high-end wireless speaker and all-in-one multiroom music system with an easy-to-use touch interface and integrated access to music and radio streaming services. Crafted from aluminium and designed to fill the entire room with a well-balanced sound whether placed on a table or a wall.

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BeoSound 3


With its own SD card reader giving you limitless access to digital music files, the BeoSound 3 gives you maximum portability and sound quality. With a slender, vertical exterior casing that ends in its own carrying handle, the BeoSound 3 comes with its own Active Mono speaker and radio tuner as standard. With the option to run the unit on batteries, you can take the BeoSound 3 wherever you wish.

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BeoSound 1 & 2 (2016 onwards)


BeoSound 1 is a portable wireless speaker with an impressive 360-degree sound performance, a rock-solid aluminium exterior crafted for mobility, integrated access to Spotify, Deezer QPlay and TuneIn, battery power for a trip outside – and featuring the Multiroom Technology that connects your Bang & Olufsen products in one wireless system across your home. As a true portable speaker BeoSound 1 supports everything from Google Cast to Bluetooth to AirPlay and DLNA.

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BeoSound 1


Featuring a CD player and tuner in a tough, portable unit, the BeoSound 1 allows you to take Bang and Olufsen's distinctive sound and design with you wherever you go. With an internal three-way speaker system and minimalist control panel, all you have to do is plug it in and choose what to listen to.

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BeoPlay A9


The A9 is designed and crafted like a beautiful piece of furniture, with a careful selection go materials and a great attention to detail. The days of wanting to hide your bulky black stereo are over. No matter where you choose to place the A9, it's going to look beautiful. Every little detail of the A9 is also designed to be functional. For example the rear handle doubles as the wall mount and the bass reflex. No unnecessary parts here. You will be amazed by the power of this beauty. It's a real beast when it comes to blasting music at high volumes.

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BeoPlay A8


Iconic one-piece stereo that makes your music sound beautiful. And it works with all digital devices. With Adaptive Bass Linearisation you can always feel safe. At extreme peaks in the music, BeoPlay A8 will automatically turn down the bass and make sure you always get a pleasant musical experience.

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BeoLit 12


Powerful and portable one-point music system that streams from AirPlay. Beolit 12 will not only play your music, but everyone with an iPhone can pitch in — and it’s simple too. Just wait for a song to finish, choose the Beolit 12 speaker from any iPhone and you get to be the DJ of the party.

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Simple but effective. The Playmaker simply connects to a pair of our loudspeakers or almost any older existing Bang & Olufsen system. Once you connect it to your Wi-Fi you can stream music wirelessly to your speakers or music system from Apple device, Android device or PC.

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BeoSound Single CD - 2300/3000/3200


With active loudspeakers placed either side of a central control unit, the doors of which open at a wave of your hand, this range of BeoSound products offers incredible sound in a compact and elegant unit. Sharing the same design, the doors of the various models conceal a varying combination of CD players, radio tuners and hard drives.

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BeoSound Single CD/Tape - 2500 Overture


Similar in design to the above line, the BeoSound Single CD with Audio Cassette is opened by a wave of the hand across the face of its sliding doors and is ideal for the retro cassette enthusiast. This range comprises the BeoCenter 2500 and more recent BeoSound Overture that contains an updated CD mechanism and MasterLink connection, allowing effortless communication between this unit and other Bang and Olufsen products.

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BeoCenter 8500/9000/9300/9500


Smoke and mirrors? Well, smoked glass and aluminium, as far as this range is concerned. With discreet LEDs glowing from beneath dark glass and aluminium doors sliding aside at the touch of a finger, these BeoCenter models embody classic state of the art design. Inside the doors you will find a CD player, AM/FM tuner and cassette recorder which, when combined with both active and passive speaker outputs and an optional remote control, ensure that function is as sleek as form.

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