Apple iMac


The jewel in the crown as far as home computing is concerned: the iMac is a powerful and elegant solution to today's cluttered desk or workstation, having all of its internal workings housed inside the screen's curved back. With no separate tower, base unit or hard-drive, the iMac takes up a ridiculously small amount of space: the days of multiple lead clutter are over.

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Apple MacBook Pro


Performance is the key here. Macbook Pro takes many of the Macbook's more notable features and turbocharges them. How? The answer is simple: by using faster processors, ramping up the RAM and incorporating lightening-fast graphics cards. Available in three sizes, the two larger Macbook Pros come with quad core Intel i5 and i7 processors as standard, while the 13" version still packs a punch with dual core Intel i5 and i7 processors. AMD Radeon graphics processors on the new larger models operate at up to three times the speed of those in the older models. Now you can process CAD projects or indulge in a little HD video editing wherever you are. Face Time allows you to make full screen HD video calls, Thunderbolt technology allows you to connect high-speed peripherals and displays, and seven hours of battery life enable you to work on the move. Add in a unibody enclosure machined from a single piece of aluminium, built-in FaceTime camera and green credentials, and you have a portable, durable and elegant piece of Apple heaven.

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Apple MacBook Pro 13" Retina


The iconic MacBook Pro 13" notebook set the standard for mobile computing when it was first introduced and continues to lead the way. With its durable unibody design, curved edges and compact dimensions, the Macbook fits easily into a backpack: it's perhaps the ultimate laptop for students and those on the move. Concealing a raft of high quality components such as Core 2 Duo Processor, NVIDIA graphics card, 8GB of RAM and a solid state hard drive of up to 512GB, the Macbook's performance is always superlative. With a backlit 13.3 inch LED Retina display, Multi-Touch trackpad and built-in iSight camera, you can be sure that the Macbook's interface is every bit as sleek as what's inside. Combine all of these features with seven hours of battery life, the advanced and ultra secure Mac operating system and a product that is environmentally friendly, and you have one of the best notebooks in the world.

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Apple iPad 2


The new iPad 2 is lighter and a third thinner than the original. Several new features make this a stand out product: firstly, there is a front facing camera for Face Time viewing when linked up to your Mac and secondly there is a rear facing HD camera allowing you to capture special moments for posterity. With a new A5 dual core processor, you get up to twice the performance of the original iPad with up to nine times improved graphics ability, making the iPad 2 ideal for online gaming. Other touches such as Video Mirroring allow your digital TV to display exactly what is on your iPad's screen, giving you an interactive teaching and presentation platform. With in-built gyro for enhanced feel and balance, and a selection of smart covers that double as stands, the iPad 2 is nothing short of revolutionary.

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Apple iPad Mini


The iPad Mini revolutionised the way people think about computing. Portable and versatile, with a ten hour battery life and responsive touch screen, the iPad took the tablet PC world by storm. With a high resolution LED backlit IPS display, instant on access and the massive Apple Apps store behind it, the iPad Mini presented a versatile multimedia platform. Using the iPad for business, you can link in to Microsoft Exchange, Standards Based Servers, VPNs or Enterprise Wi-Fi networks. When you're away from the office, use the iPad's worldwide 3G coverage to stay on top of the game, all the while safe in the knowledge that your fully encrypted data is secure from prying eyes. But the iPad Mini is more than just a workhorse. Use it around the home to view digital TV streamed from your iMac, use it to play interactive games, or let the kids spend some quality time using one of the many educational Apps. Work or play, the iPad will always be at the centre of your activities.

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Apple iPhone 5


The iPhone 5 and 5S is more than just a phone: it's a state of the art communications device. With the ability to make conference calls and multi task, the iPhone 4 is ideal for businesses. But for the more casual user, there are plenty of perks as well. There's the crystal clear retina display that can be viewed from almost any angle thanks to Apple incorporating the same IPS (in plane switching) technology as is used in the iPad. There's the Apple App Store that contains over 350,000 different apps to suit your every need. Then there's the construction; the internal workings protected by a slim band of stainless steel and then sandwiched by two panes of ultra tough aluminosilicate glass, the same glass used in the windshields of high speed trains and helicopters. Add to all of this the iPhone's intuitive interface and long battery life, and you have perhaps the greatest Smartphone in the world.

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Vaja Cases


Beautifully handcrafted iPhone & iPad cases. Without question, the finest cases made for Apple products.

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Apple Accessories


All of Apple's accessories are as elegant, durable and effective as the computers themselves. With a plethora of accessories to enhance your personal computing experience, it's easy to find what you're looking for. Need speakers for your iMac, new headphones for your iPod or a case for your Macbook Pro? No problem. And if you're looking for a product that Apple doesn't make itself, they will be sure to have a recommended supplier.

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