BeoVision V1 - 32" and 40" Full HD LCD Television

TV with flexible stand and mounting options, premium picture and sound quality, and the iconic remote to control all your devices. The human eye has an amazing ability to adapt to different light conditions. We've been inspired by that ability and have built it into BeoPlay V1. There's a huge difference between watching the news in the middle of the day with bright light shining through the windows, and watching your favorite movie at night with the TV as the main source of light in the room. The BeoPlay V1 adaptive contrast uses a built-in light sensor and an advanced piece of software that will adjust not only the brightness, but the colours and image quality of your TV according to the surrounding light. In this way your eyes will not get tired of watching.

BeoVision V1-40

BeoVision V1-40 | 2566577 | BeoVision V1-40" 1080p Full HD LCD Television - Black | View Detail
RRP £2900 | SAVE £1100 | OUR PRICE £1800
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