BeoTime Alarm Clock

The use of BeoTime is extremely easy and user friendly. Thanks to the motion sensor, the display information and the keys always addressed accordingly based on whether the alarm clock is just in your hand or on the table. So you can easily set the timer and the alarm or reprogram any Bang & Olufsen product in the room so that you will be awakened by him. After waking up, a light touch of BeoTime is enough to silence the alarm for ten minutes. And once you leave your home, the BeoTime reliable switching off all your devices at a preset time. In the morning it is usually difficult to get up - but to get awakened by the BeoTime from Bang & Olufsen, every morning is a very special experience. This simple alarm clock in a unique and at the same time discret design features convenient features such as the built-in motion sensor and refined automatic backlighting. Thanks to the Sleep Timer you can fall asleep with soft music or a late night television show, without having to worry about turning off the equipment. Your BeoTime wakes you up either with a gently ringing, a song, your favorite TV show or with the program of your favorite radio station.


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RRP £495 | SAVE £120 | OUR PRICE £375
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