BeoSound 9000

If you recognise only one Bang and Olufsen product, chances are it's the BeoSound 9000. Revolutionary when produced and still impressive today, its unique CD changer is the fastest in the world. With the ability to be floor or shelf mounted and positioned either vertically or horizontally, the BeoSound 9000 can become the focal point of any room, automatically lining up your CDs like your very own state of the art jukebox. And, with recent software updates, the BeoSound 9000 can be used to access and play digital music files from your computer.

BeoSound 9000 Mk2

BeoSound 9000 Mk2 | 2505676 | BeoSound 9000 Mk2 - 6 CD Changer | View Detail
RRP £3300 | SAVE £2350 | OUR PRICE £950

BeoSound 9000 Mk3

BeoSound 9000 Mk3 | 2689556 | BeoSound 9000 Mk3 6-CD Changer | View Detail
RRP £3450 | SAVE £1850 | OUR PRICE £1600
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