BeoLab 12.1, 12.2 and 12.3

BeoLab 12’s ultra-slim appearance lies in the careful shaping of its curves. A delicate balancing act between elegance and innovation. Ingenuity and absolute performance. Designed by David Lewis, BeoLab 12 was inspired by the mathematical curve of a sine wave. Smooth, tapering edges make each speaker appear incredibly thin when viewed from the side, while the curving profile still provides the necessary space for outstanding acoustic performance. A truly elegant addition to your flat screen TV or wall. Acoustic Lens Technology directs audio in a clear, 180 degree horizontal arc around the room. By minimising reflections from the floor or ceiling, Bang & Olufsen’s visionary technology produces the best possible acoustic experience. Extending the range of a speaker’s sweet spot throughout the room with an incredible sense of space and realism. The BeoLab 12 range is a true playground for the imagination. Choose from different sizes, colours and mountings and make it part of your ideal home system or setup.

BeoLab 12.1

BeoLab 12.1 | 25666325 | BeoLab 12.1 - Active Loudspeakers - Silver | View Detail
RRP £1995 | SAVE £900 | OUR PRICE £1095

BeoLab 12.3

BeoLab 12.3 | 25663255 | BeoLab 12.3 - Active Loudspeakers - White | View Detail
RRP £3600 | SAVE £1350 | OUR PRICE £2250
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