Apple MacBook Pro 13" Retina

The iconic MacBook Pro 13" notebook set the standard for mobile computing when it was first introduced and continues to lead the way. With its durable unibody design, curved edges and compact dimensions, the Macbook fits easily into a backpack: it's perhaps the ultimate laptop for students and those on the move. Concealing a raft of high quality components such as Core 2 Duo Processor, NVIDIA graphics card, 8GB of RAM and a solid state hard drive of up to 512GB, the Macbook's performance is always superlative. With a backlit 13.3 inch LED Retina display, Multi-Touch trackpad and built-in iSight camera, you can be sure that the Macbook's interface is every bit as sleek as what's inside. Combine all of these features with seven hours of battery life, the advanced and ultra secure Mac operating system and a product that is environmentally friendly, and you have one of the best notebooks in the world.

Apple MacBook 13” Retina

Apple MacBook 13” Retina | 25074483 | Apple MacBook 13" Retina - 2.5GHz - 8GB/128GB Solid State HD - Silver | View Detail
RRP £1200 | SAVE £250 | OUR PRICE £950
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