Apple iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 and 5S is more than just a phone: it's a state of the art communications device. With the ability to make conference calls and multi task, the iPhone 4 is ideal for businesses. But for the more casual user, there are plenty of perks as well. There's the crystal clear retina display that can be viewed from almost any angle thanks to Apple incorporating the same IPS (in plane switching) technology as is used in the iPad. There's the Apple App Store that contains over 350,000 different apps to suit your every need. Then there's the construction; the internal workings protected by a slim band of stainless steel and then sandwiched by two panes of ultra tough aluminosilicate glass, the same glass used in the windshields of high speed trains and helicopters. Add to all of this the iPhone's intuitive interface and long battery life, and you have perhaps the greatest Smartphone in the world.

Apple iPhone 5S

Apple iPhone 5S | 25088997 | Apple iPhone 5S -16GB/Space Grey - AppleCare Available | View Detail
RRP £460 | SAVE £40 | OUR PRICE £420
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